Why Choose a Craft Beer?

Why Choose a Craft Beer?

If you find yourself completely befuddled every time you step into your grocery store’s beer section, you are not alone. The United States alone has over 8,000 breweries in operation, so it wouldn’t be shocking if you defaulted to some tried and true national label to stay on the safe side and get your shopping done quickly.

But grabbing the same beer week after week might be a mistake. There are so many other great options! Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a craft beer and how you can select the right one next time you are shopping at Nick’s.

Why Choose a Craft Beer?

The craft beer market is a $19.6 billion industry in this country. That is not a reason to support it, but it gives you an idea of just how popular these products have become. Here are several reasons why craft beer mania has taken hold.

  1. Craft Beer Gives You More Bang for Your Buck

If you are looking for alcohol content in your spirits, craft beer should be at the top of your list. On average, the alcohol content by volume (ABV) of craft beer is around 5% to 10%. But some craft beer labels boast an ABV as high as 40%. Sadly, those major label brands typically net you about 4% to 6% per serving, and some are even as low as 2%.

  1. Craft Beer Tastes Better

Taste is a major factor when it comes to beer. While major labels like Coors and Budweiser have a somewhat uniform taste, craft beer products can distinguish themselves with different flavor combinations that appeal to various consumers.

When it comes to your preferences for beer, there will always be something to suit your palate. There literally thousands of flavor combinations available, so you don’t have to conform to that one-size-fits-all flavor of the mainstream brands.

  1. Craft Beer Has Nutritional Value

It might be hard to believe on the surface, but it’s true; The right craft beer consumed in moderation can actually contribute to your health. How so? Some of the nutritional value of these products include:

  • Lower risk of joint issues
  • Lower rates of cardiovascular disease
  • Lower instances of diabetes
  • Improved bone density
  1. Some Craft Beer is Seasonal 

Unlike those traditional brands, many craft beer drinkers like to switch things up depending on the event or season. For example, there are plenty of pumpkin spice-infused craft beers on the market in the fall and fruit-infused craft beers in the spring. This brings an extra element of fun and anticipation to your shopping and consumption.

  1. Craft Beer Supports Local Businesses

Who doesn’t like to support their local businesses? When you buy craft beer, you are either keeping money in your local community or sending revenue back to another small business that is fighting for a piece of the craft beer “pie.” This probably feels much better than sending money to a brand that will spend it on yet another Super Bowl ad.

What Are the Different Types of Craft Beer?

Now that you probably want to buy some craft beer, how do you choose the right one? Here are some of the most common types to get you started:


Most big-label beers are lagers, but some craft beers are as well. If you want something that most closely resembles Heineken or Bud, try a lager or pilsner.

Pale Ale/India Pale Ale (IPA)

Pale ales and IPAs (the same but more hoppy) use pale malt and tend to have somewhat fruity flavors. Depending on the hops, you might experience flavors like mango, passion fruit, or other citrus fruits.

Blond, Golden, Red, and Brown Ales

These are all malt flavors that range from light yellow to toffee color. The hops can also range from floral to moderately bitter, sometimes with fruity or spicy undertones.

Stout and Porter

Guinness is a famous example of this style. Many of these craft beers tend to smell and taste like coffee, chocolate, or toasted bread.

Need Help Choosing a Craft Beer?

Craft beer is popular and there are so many choices that it might be tough to find the right one. If you would like to try a certain type of craft beer, feel free to approach one of our associates directly for some help.

The liquor department at Nick’s of Clinton offers one of the largest varieties of beer, wine, and spirits in Southern Maryland – and at the most affordable prices. We are always standing by to make suggestions for customers or even special order a particular brand for your special event. Visit our Waldorf store today or call us at (301) 843-4825.

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