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Should You Cater Your Next Event?

With so much involved in planning an event or party, the last thing you may want to do stand in the kitchen or behind a grill for hours on end to feed your guests. Having an event catered is a convenient way to cross one more item off your list and ensure that you also get to enjoy the party.

There are a variety of events that people plan and host, ranging from corporate meetings to small family reunions to large weddings. Planning any of these events isn’t for the faint of heart, and you probably could use all the help you can get.

Reasons to Cater Your Next Event

If you are thinking about catering your next event, here are several reasons why you might want to put this item on your to-do list:


Catering your event is about more than just the food, although what you order to eat is still relatively important. Think about everything that goes into planning a large gathering. You must make guest lists, choose a venue, get tables and decorations, and recruit people to work.

If you also must plan, cook, and serve a meal, that might just be too much. When you choose to cater your event, everything is done for you once you pick out your event menu. In most cases, you will be able to attend and enjoy the event with your guests instead of worrying about preparing and serving food.

Cost Savings

Hosting people for a party or some other event isn’t cheap. Folks love to eat, and your food bill can quickly get out of control if you decide to prepare everything yourself. Having your event catered might not sound like a way to save money, but the truth is you can actually spend less for a catered event. Unless you know how to estimate how much food you will need to ensure everyone leaves feeling satisfied, you might make a costly misstep. When you choose party plates and other items meant to feed large groups of people, your cost savings can be significant compared to putting those items together yourself.

Better Quality

Murphy’s Law often applies when planning and hosting an event – Anything that can go wrong with an event will go wrong at some point. The band doesn’t show up, or the weather doesn’t cooperate. Event planning and coordination are challenging under the best circumstances. When you work with a caterer to take one of the heaviest loads off your plate, you can focus on other aspects of your event. The food is completely taken care of, leaving you more time and resources to focus on your guests and their overall experience.


Unless you are a professional caterer or cook, you may not know a lot about safe food handling. But a lack of knowledge is no excuse when it comes to the safety of your event’s guests. Cross-contamination or the undercooking of food can be dangerous to the health and safety of the people you are trying to entertain. A caterer understands these concerns and will help you reduce these risks.

Variety of Foods

When you cater your event, you have the option of offering your guests many different foods to choose from. Examples include different salads, sandwiches, and dessert items. You get to customize your event menu so that it meets your particular needs. For example, you might have a theme in mind, so only want Mexican or Italian food. Or, you might have guests with dietary restrictions, so having a variety of foods on hand will allow you to accommodate different intolerances and allergies.

Set the Event Tone

Your catering choices and style will allow you to set the atmosphere and tone for your event. If you want people to mingle, you might offer only finger foods. If you are having a longer event or something more formal, you might offer more substantial options for lunch or dinner, including desserts and even wine and spirits.

Nick’s of Clinton is the Perfect Solution for Your Catering Needs

Now that you have decided to hire a caterer for your next event, give Nick’s of Clinton a call to get the process started. Whether you are having a backyard barbeque, a large event, or just want a break from cooking, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Nick’s of Clinton is always stocked with the freshest fruits and vegetables, the finest quality cheeses and meats, and the best ingredients to create a delicious meal. Our catering department offers party platters, assorted garden and fruit trays, antipasto platters, assorted salads, and a variety of desserts.

Contact us today at (301) 843-4825 for a full catering menu and to get started with the order for your next event.