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Deep Frying Your Turkey

If you’ve always roasted your Thanksgiving turkey, you’ve done what most do with those huge birds. There’s nothing wrong with following tradition, and the results are probably pretty tasty. 

But a new trend has emerged that involves deep frying turkeys. It produces even better results than you could imagine. But the practice isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, some people are injured each year trying to get to the finish line, so understanding the process is critical. Here are some instructions for deep frying your turkey, along with a few Dos and Don’ts. 

Choosing Your Turkey for the Deep Fryer

It can only be so big if you plan to cook your turkey this way. A standard 30-quart deep fryer can only handle up to a 14-pound turkey. If your bird is larger than this, you’ll need to remove the thighs and legs from the body and fry them separately. As a side note, you should be able to feed around ten people with a 14-pound turkey. 

To Marinade or Not Marinade a Deep Fried Turkey?

When deep frying a turkey, moisture will not be your friend. So any marinade will spit at you when it comes into contact with hot oil. But you can season your turkey with a dry rub the day before so that it absorbs the flavors of your seasoning. It’s a good idea to leave the bird uncovered in the refrigerator so the skin dries up slightly. This will make it crispier when deep fried. 

Deep Frying Your Turkey – Dos and Don’ts to Get It Done Safely

Deep fried turkeys cook much faster than oven-roasted ones. It only takes about 3 to 4 minutes per pound to deep fry a turkey versus about 20 minutes per pound to roast one. Here are some Dos and Don’ts to get the best results and stay safe. 

DO Understand the Basics of Deep Frying a Turkey

If you haven’t done this before, take your time to become familiar with these instructions:

  • Choose a fryer that is appropriate for deep frying turkeys.
  • Completely thaw your turkey, remove the giblets, and separate the legs. 
  • Wear safety gear like a thick apron and heavy-duty oven mitts. Have your tools and a fire extinguisher nearby. 
  • Choose a high-heat oil, filling the fryer to the proper line. 
  • Start the flame at low and then increase it once the oil is added. Heat the oil to 350 degrees. 
  • Turn off the flame before lowering the turkey into the oil using the provided basket or hook. Restart the flame and place the thermometer back in the oil. 
  • Set your timer based on the size of your turkey. 
  • Once the time expires, check the turkey’s temperature using a meat thermometer. 
  • Rest the turkey on paper towels for about 20 minutes before it is sliced and served. 

DON’T Shortcut Your Preparation and Safety Measures

The directions for frying a turkey might seem simple enough. But a lot can go wrong when you’re dealing with hot oil. Before you get ready to drop a turkey into some hot oil, get to know your turkey fryer. 

If it’s new, read the instructions for set up and use. Inspect all the legs and fittings for safety. Finally, make sure you have all the tools you need within easy reach. This includes having a fire extinguisher handy. 

DO Understand the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Deep Frying

Believe it or not, you can deep fry a turkey indoors with the proper setup. But you need to pay extra attention to ventilation and safety. Some indoor fryers only use air and no oil. But most of those can accommodate smaller birds. You can’t and shouldn’t use an outdoor fryer indoors. It’s too dangerous. Whichever option you choose, your results will be amazing as long as you follow the directions. 

DON’T Use Guesswork When It Comes to Your Oil

Choosing the right type and amount of oil is vital to your success when frying a turkey. Most recipes call for using either peanut or canola oil. Peanut oil is generally better as a high-heat oil that has a neutral taste. 

You also want to use enough oil to cover your turkey but not so much that it overflows the fryer. A simple way to measure correctly is to put the unthawed turkey in the pot and cover it with water. Then remove the turkey and mark the pot where the water settles. That’s your oil fill point. 

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