Beyond the Basics: Elevating Taco Tuesday

If you’re an American, then you’re probably familiar with the marketing mantra, “Taco Tuesday.” Originating with a Wyoming-based chain attempting to increase business on the slowest day of the week, today, Taco Tuesday is something that has extended from a mere restaurant marketing scheme to a way to connect with friends and family—both while dining out and eating in. Indeed, by some accounts, more than 30 million people enjoy Taco Tuesday every Tuesday, or about 13 percent of Americans!

If you’re ready to host your own Taco Tuesday night, or just elevate your current Taco Tuesday game, Nick’s of Clinton can help. Here are some great ideas for stepping it up, and be sure to visit Nick’s of Clinton for all of the ingredients you need—

Think Beyond Beef

Ground beef is undoubtedly the most classic taco ingredient, but it’s by no means the only one. Instead of ground beef, consider preparing fish, chicken, pork, or steak tacos. Many of these ingredients are not only delicious, but also very easy to prepare. For example, you can easily make pulled chicken or pork in a pressure cooker with a minimal amount of work. Try something new—your taste buds will thank you. 

Go Vegetarian

Even meat lovers may appreciate a meatless taco that’s prepared well, and if you have any vegetarian friends who are joining for Taco Tuesday, they’ll be thankful for your effort. Squash, mushrooms, beans, and roasted root vegetables are all great options for meatless tacos. If you’re into it, you can also try tofu tacos. For non-vegans, scrambled eggs can be a great taco ingredient. In fact, you can even have breakfast tacos for dinner one night! 

Top it Off

While the meat or veggie you choose to feature within the taco is definitely the main attraction, what you put on top of your tacos is a critical part of flavor pairing and can transform a taco from “meh” to “wow!” If you’re just used to using lettuce and salsa as your main topper, consider making a remoulade sauce, whipping up some guacamole, or preparing a non-mayo-based slaw. Of course, also consider how herbs and spices, such as cilantro or green onion, can bring our flavors and pack an extra yummy punch. 

Serve Some Sides

One way to make Taco Tuesday feel a bit more elevated, especially if you’re hosting guests for the occasion, is to prepare some side dishes. Slaws, beans, salads, and roasted veggies all pair quite well and can make the meal seem a bit more sophisticated. That being said, if you’re looking for something quick, a homemade guacamole can be a great option. We recommend pairing with fresh salsas (homemade is always best!) and crisp and salty chips. 

Sweeten Things

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it: fruit atop your tacos. Consider adding sliced strawberries to your guacamole, or mango or pineapple to your salsa. The specific fruit you choose should be considerate of the meat you’ve selected, and using a fruit salsa recipe can help. Fruit can add a sweetness and zip that packs a flavorful power punch. Your tastebuds will thank you. 

Pair it Well

Good food should be paired with good drink. Whether that’s a non-alcoholic mocktail, some sparkling water, or a margarita, giving your guests (and yourself) the option of a well-prepared beverage will make the meal feel more complete. At Nick’s of Clinton, we sell all of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages you need, whether cooking for yourself or entertaining guests. From beer, wine, and liquor to fizzy waters and juices, we have you covered. 

Make it a Tradition 

If you want to make your Taco Tuesday night feel more elevated, why not formalize it by making it a regular event? Hosting Taco Tuesday or agreeing to it as a family is an easy way to commit to spending time together at least once a week. And of course, if you don’t feel like “elevating” it one night due to time or energy constraints, you can always go back to the basics with a simple taco that’s easy to prepare and doesn’t demand sides or fancy toppers.

Start Your Shopping at Nick’s of Clinton Today

Join the movement — start enjoying Taco Tuesday! At Nick’s of Clinton, we have high-quality cuts of meat, the freshest produce, and the beverages you need for hosting. We also have a number of pre-made and packaged items that can make your night of hosting Taco Tuesday easier, like salsas, guacamole, tortillas, and chips. Visit our store today or call 301-843-4825 with questions. 

Chili Recipes to Cozy Up With This Winter

Chili is the ultimate comfort food when the temperatures drop and the weather turns into something you want to stay inside to avoid. The best part about cooking and eating chili is that it warms you from the inside out. It’s also an entire meal, although it’s delicious with a side of cornbread. 

You can prepare chili on your stovetop in a large pot, with a crockpot, an Instapot, or a slow cooker. It also freezes well for meals weeks or months later. And there are many different options for your chili recipe — beans, no beans, meat, no meat, spicy, mild, you name it. 

If you’re ready to cook up some delicious chili, here’s a list of top chili recipes that will keep you and your family warm this winter. 

1. Classic Chili

If you don’t already have a go-to chili recipe, start with this one. This classic chili is made from the traditional ingredients of ground beef, beans, chopped onions, and a blend of chili seasonings. 

2. Rich No Bean Chili

Although beans are a common ingredient in chili, maybe you don’t like legumes or have some other reason for avoiding them. This no-bean chili recipe makes up for the lack of beans by being loaded with vegetables, spices, hearty ground beef, and other flavors. Make sure you top it off with cilantro, sour cream, or shredded cheese for a tasty meal. 

3. Vegan 3-Bean Chili

If you or your loved ones would rather skip the meat, this vegan 3-bean chili might be just the ticket. The recipe is inspired by succotash, with ingredients like corn, beans, veggies, squash, red peppers, jalapenos, and tomatoes. It’s a filling meal and even more tasty when you top it off with a bit of cilantro. 

4. Short Rib Chili

This short rib chili will be one of the richest and meatiest options on this list. It is made from tender short ribs, smoky chipotle chilies, fresh jalapenos, red wine, tomatoes, and ancho chili pepper. 

5. Paleo Beef and Pork Chili

If you’re on a paleo diet, you might be avoiding legumes for now. This primitive beef and pork chili is hearty and simple but sure to leave you with a warm and full belly. Make sure you top it off with some sesame seeds and scallions to enhance the flavors. 

6. Mediterranean Chickpea Chili

If you want to create a truly unique chili recipe, give this Mediterranean one a try. It’s chili with a Greek twist. The ingredients include garbanzo beans, kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, and lemon zest. 

7. Cincinnati Chili

This is a unique type of chili that is a must-try if you’re adventurous or just love the idea of your chili smothered on top of noodles. It’s served in several ways — Two-Way (chili on top of spaghetti), Three-Way (chili, spaghetti, and shredded cheddar cheese), or Four-Way (chili, spaghetti, cheddar cheese, and beans or onions).

8. Quick Green Chicken Chili

This green chicken chili is another unique creation that is also packed with flavor. It included ingredients like chicken, black beans, and green chiles. Even better, it’s simple and fast to make. You can whip this one up in about 30 minutes or so. 

9. Chili Mac

If you love mac and cheese, you’ll want to try this customized chili mac recipe that is filling and delicious. It’s a mashup of many comfort foods, like hearty chili and creamy macaroni and cheese. 

10. Chicken Chorizo Chili

You can cook this chili with chorizo, you can cook this chili with turkey, chicken, or other types of sausage. Don’t forget to add sour cream, cilantro, and cheddar cheese on top. 

11. Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Use your slow cooker on a cold day to cook up a batch of this healthy and tasty chili made with turkey, veggies, beans, and spices. 

12. Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

This vegetarian chili only takes about 30 minutes to prepare. The ingredients include black beans, jalapenos, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, red bell pepper, onions, and other items. 

Get Your Chili Ingredients and Side Dishes at Nick’s of Clinton

Now that you have a list of amazing chili recipes, you need some high-quality ingredients. At Nick’s of Clinton, our community grocery store has everything you need to create a delicious meal that will keep you and your loved ones cozy this winter. 

Our full-service meat counter is the centerpiece of our store, and we offer the freshest selection of produce. You’ll also find high-quality dairy and cheese items as well as the spices you need for your recipes. Visit us today or give us a call at (301) 843-4825 with any questions. 


A Beginner’s Guide on How to Meal Prep for the Week

If you’re ready to spend less time in the kitchen, have healthier meals, and save yourself some stress over cooking, you’ll probably want to try meal prepping. Meal prep can range from preparing and cooking entire dinners for the next week to simply putting together the ingredients for each day’s lunches or breakfasts. 

Prepping your meals in advance might sound like a huge chore. But, once you have a system in place, it can save you a ton of time and frustration. Here is a beginner’s guide to how you can meal prep for an entire week. 

1. Decide on a Meal Prep Strategy

Your goals and schedule will likely determine what meal prep method will work best for you. There are several options:

  • Make-ahead meals — If your time for cooking meals during the week is limited, you can prepare them entirely in advance, so they only need to be reheated. 
  • Ready-to-cook ingredients — If you’d rather cook your meals just before you serve them, you can prep the ingredients (chop vegetables, marinade meat, etc.) in advance to reduce prep time.
  • Batch cooking & freezing — This is when you prepare multiple “batches” of a recipe so you can freeze some to use as meals in the weeks or months to come. 
  • Individual portion meals — If someone in your family has dietary restrictions or certain preferences, you can prepare individual meals for that person in advance.

2. Write Out Your Daily Menus

Once you’ve figured out your ideal meal prep type, it’s time to start planning. You can’t prep anything if you don’t know what you’re going to cook. Sit down and create a menu for a week, several days, or whatever time frame you choose. 

If you’re new to meal prepping, choose some dishes you’ve cooked frequently in the past to get started. Keeping things simple in the beginning will reduce your stress and make this entire process more manageable. As you get more comfortable with meal prepping, you can broaden your horizons. 

3. Take Inventory and Shop

With your menu list on hand, make a list of every ingredient needed to create your dishes. Then, do the following:

  • Take an inventory — There’s a good chance you already have a lot of the items you need in your kitchen pantry. Before heading to the grocery store, take an inventory of what’s in your kitchen and refrigerator. This can save you a lot of money and reduce waste. 
  • Build your grocery list — Based on what’s left, create an efficient grocery list that is organized by department (dairy, meat, produce, etc.). Doing this can help you navigate the store quicker. 
  • Get the right containers — Don’t forget to stock up on some quality containers to store your prepped meals. This can include plastic containers and Ziploc freezer bags. 

4. Prep Meals and Store

Now, it’s time to prep and store your meals. Here are some tips to make your meal prep go faster. 

  • Start with the foods that take the longest time to cook, like rice.
  • If two recipes require the same ingredients, like chopped tomatoes or onions, prep those items at the same time and divide them as necessary. 
  • To avoid having to repeatedly wash your cutting board, cut all raw meat first. Then, wash the board and cut other items. 
  •  For the best quality, freeze foods like casseroles, soups, cooked grains, and chilis. If you don’t freeze them, many ingredients will only stay fresh for around three days in the refrigerator. 

5. Enjoy the Benefits of Your Meal Prepping

The whole point of meal prepping is that it will make your life easier. With some practice, you’ll soon discover a strategy that fits your needs and works perfectly for you. Whether you decide to prep every meal, just dinners, or something else, the effort you put into this will pay off in more free time, cost savings, and even some healthier meal choices. 

Shop for Your Meal Ingredients at Nick’s of Clinton

Once you’re finished with your weekly meal prep, it’s time to stock up on the ingredients to create those delicious items. Nick’s of Clinton provides a one-stop shopping experience for all your grocery needs in the Waldorf area. 

Our family-run business has been serving the local community for over 50 years. We offer a full-service meat and deli department as well as an extensive selection of beer, wine, and spirits. We also offer a signature line of Nick’s products, including sauces, seasonings, and pastas. Visit us today or give us a call at 301-843-4825.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner Sides

Of all the holidays celebrated in the United States, Thanksgiving is the one where certain dishes are most expected. Sure, you have a Christmas ham, but for Thanksgiving, guests are looking forward to turkey, stuffing, graving, two kinds of potatoes, cranberries, green beans, pies, and more. Whether you are going traditional this year or plan to put a new spin on an old favorite, Nick’s of Clinton has you covered. Visit us to get all the ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner sides that your guests will love! Below, find some of our favorite Thanksgiving dinner side options and ideas for prepping. Have questions? Give us a call or visit us today to order the perfect Thanksgiving Day turkey.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Day Sides

Mashed Potatoes 

Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be complete without mashed potatoes. Depending on preference and dietary constraints, you may go with a traditional mashed potato, a mashed sweet potato dish, or both! For those who are trying to avoid potatoes as part of a ketogenic or autoimmune protocol diet, mashed cauliflower is a wonderful substitute. For vegans or those with lactose intolerance, there are numerous milk substitute options that can be used. 


Like mashed potatoes, a Thanksgiving dinner just wouldn’t be complete without stuffing! In fact, while stuffing is a side to the turkey, many other dishes are viewed as sides to the stuffing.

A traditional stuffing is a mixture of cubed bread, onions, herbs, broth, and butter—a combination that’s often cooked right inside of the turkey itself. While cooking the stuffing inside of the turkey is certainly an option, you can also do a baked version in the oven if you prefer. Have someone who’s gluten-free in the family? Consider using gluten-free bread instead. 


Would turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes be complete without a delicious gravy? No way! While gravy is a sauce rather than a side, it’s such an integral part of a Thanksgiving meal that it had to be listed here. While most people will do a turkey gravy, it’s also possible to do a vegetarian gravy for any non-meat eaters that will be at the table this year. In a rush? You can even use a pressure cooker to make a delicious, savory gravy that all guests will love. Don’t forget to pick up flour, cornstarch, or another thickening ingredient ahead of time.

Cranberry Sauce 

Ditch the canned cranberries this year (or grab them from our aisles if you’re in a rush) and make a sweet-yet-perfectly-tart cranberry sauce from scratch. Want to cut down on the amount of sugar you use? Try substituting a portion of the amount of sugar that your recipe normally calls for with orange juice. The orange adds a nice pop of unexpected flavor that pairs perfectly with the other classic Thanksgiving flavors of rosemary, thyme, and sage. 

Biscuits or Rolls 

You’ll surely want to prepare a biscuit or roll—essential for soaking up all that gravy! Flaky biscuits, traditional rolls, or even a nice cornbread (or a combination of the three) are all great options. To save yourself time, consider preparing your dough and freezing it a couple of days in advance. Thaw it on the counter the morning of Thanksgiving, and then pop into the oven right before everything else is ready for that fresh-baked, right-out-the-oven taste. 

Sweet Potato Casserole 

Love it or hate it, a sweet potato casserole should have a place at the table. Some people prefer a savory sweet potato casserole that complements the other dishes on the table by incorporating many of the same herbs and spices; others say that Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without a sweet sweet potato casserole—one that includes marshmallows, brown sugar, and pecans, of course. Whatever you prefer, head to Nick’s to pick up the non-perishable items for your recipe a week in advance of the holiday to ensure that you have everything you need for preparing your casserole. 

Green Bean Casserole 

Even those who don’t love green beans tend to enjoy a green bean casserole—a true comfort food that is a great complement to anything Thanksgiving Day spread. In addition to green beans—fresh, frozen, or canned all work, by the way—most green bean casseroles include onions and mushrooms, as well as a cream sauce. Can’t do dairy? A combination of a non-dairy milk of choice and nutritional yeast can go a long way in creating a yummy flavor and creamy texture. 

Don’t Forget Drinks and Desserts

We know we don’t have to remind you, but don’t forget drinks and desserts! Whether you’re making your own pie or buying something that’s already prepared, at Nick’s of Clinton, you can find whatever you need.

Visit Nick’s of Clinton to Pick Up All Your Ingredients Today

To get everything on your Thanksgiving shopping list, head over to Nick’s of Clinton. You can find us at 3953 St. Charles Parkway, or you can reach us by phone at (301) 843-4825.